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My Family
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Graduation May 8, 2010

Graduation May 8, 2010

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Accepting Death

Just a few short months ago a new lady by the name of Susan moved not only into our Ward but into my neighorhood and right from the beginning I was drawn to her. Susan had a infectuous spirit that I know everyone who met her could feel. She had some health issues of which I do not know exactly what they were but they never seemed to get her down. Susan made sure we had her address and phone number incase me or the boys needed anything from her and made sure I knew if I ever needed her to stay with the boys when they were sick she would do so so that I would not miss work.
Both of us where called to work in Primary at the beginning of the year and so I still was able to spend time with her at Primary meetings and such. In February, her and I attended a special Stake Relief Society meeting together and I can honestly say the meeting was excellent yet the time spent with Susan that evening will not be forgotten.
Susan's children and grandchildren where the highlight of her life and she was so looking forward to going to Wisconsin and visit her son and his family. The time came and she left and I truly missed seeing Susan at church and this past Saturday I received the sad news on April 3, 2011 Susan passed away while visiting her son. It is amazing in such a short time someone could have an affect on my life that tears have been shed for Susan. I understand I will be able to see her again and the joy of knowing her health is no longer an issue for her is truly a blessing.
Not since my Mother died five years ago and my niece Laurie 4 years have I been affected by death in this way. I am feeling selfish because I did not get to spend more time with Susan here on the earth; but in time I know I will accept Susan's death and be thankful for her friendship. Susan is one more woman to add to my list of women who I want to emulate in my own life.
Thank you Susan for being a Woman of Faith.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Haitian Children

Watching and reading all the information on the people who were trying to take children out of the country of Haiti to give them a better life has really hit a sore spot with me. First of all how many of us would like it people from another country came and took our children (who they assume do not have parents) without permission or the proper legal documents to another country. Just because a child is an orphan does not give someone the right to take them from their country without going through the proper channels sure they are trying to do right by these children but by doing right we follow the guidelines and laws set forth by the government in their country whether we believe in that government or not. Every living person should have the right to a good life but what are we teaching others by breaking the law. Let's face it all these children and adults in Haiti need help and they need right now and with all the politics going on in Haiti let's not ruin the chance to provide the support they need by not abiding by the laws of their country.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Who would have believed we made this far?

No new pictures just yet since I can not find the cord to my camera to download them.

Scoop on the family!!!

*Gideon is now 15 years old; whoa where did 15 years go and in 3 years he'll be graduating high school. Amazing is a good word to describe Gideon he is funny, cute, smart, and I am so blessed to have him as my son.

*Jeremiah the child born on Friday the 13th has brought nothing but good fortune to us as he would say "Friday the 13th used to be a bad luck day but is a good luck day now"
Teachers, parents, cousins, etc love him he is funny, cute, smart and life just wouldn't be the same with out him.

*Me life is always an adventure whether soaring high and going downhill fast. 121 days until graduation. Yeah!! It has been a long ride and I am still not quite sure I can believe that I have made it this far and know that I couldn't have made this far without all my family and friends who have been there supporting and pushing me along the way.

2010 brings a new year and a time for new adventures and whether I am ready or not I am looking for all it has to bring.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Summer of 2009

Boy, this summer has sure gone by fast. Gideon wants to take so many accelerated classes next year and so he spent the month of June all day taking two summer school classes and no less than expected from A's for both Technical Reading and Speech. Jeremiah has spsent his time playing with friends, playing video games and watching I think every DVD we own. Me I have spent the summer working at the hospital and loving it!

Our biggest adventure was a week spent in Oregon in the middle of July. Our first day we drove from Boise to Eugene, Oregon; part of the drive was so boring I thought if something doesn't change I will drive off the next cliff I can find. But then comes Bend, OR up high in the Cascade Mtns and all the way down the mountains to Eugene was beautiful. Both the boys travel well; except of course we all get bored; from Jeremiah wanting us to smell his finger (not a good idea, not sure we it has been) to Gideon deciding that it should be time for me to teach him to drive (did not happen on this trip) to me singing and dancing for the boys (or as they put it it looks more like mom is having a siezure). Eugene sits at the base of the Cascade Mtns and is the home to the University of Oregon; so Sunday morning we walked around the campus it is a beautiful campus with lots of old buildings. While in Eugene we saw quite a diversity of people and at one point Gideon says mom I think the whole black population of Boise just went into that resturant. Definitely, more diverse than what were used to. Then it was off to Florence, Oregon.

Florence is on the coast, oh the beautiful ocean, I don't know how one could ever tire of such beauty and grace. In Florence we went to the Sea Lion Cave, you ride a elevator 12 stories down and and there is a cave we the sea lions come to get out of the rough waters; although a little on the smelly side it was amazing to see.

Next, we drove up the coast to Lincoln City, Oregon where we would be staying for the next four days. Can I just tell you again how much I love the ocean and its beuty and the next thing about driving up the Oregon coast is on one side you have the ocean and the other is moutains with tons of trees. AFter a late lunch and early dinner we hit the outlet mall to get the boys a few things for school. Then we came back and walked along sand and just took in the smell and beauty. Our condo we rented was at the South end of Lincoln City and sits right on Sitz Bay 2 low tides a day so one could walk out very far and across a little inlet right into the ocean.

Monday, we spent the day in Newport Beach, first stop was the Aquina Light House, it has a spiral staircase with 105 steps and we all climb up and were able to look out the top of the light house. It was amazing! The Oregon Coast Aquarium was next on our stop; we all just love being able to see the many different types of underwater life there is and the seals, otters, etc. The aquarium has a water tunnel (3 of them) where the fish are swimming all around you on top and underneath you it was the highlight of the aquarium. We ate our sandwiches and chips in the car as we traveled from place to place and the next stop would be the warf in Newport. Fun, crazy little shops that reminded of a smaller Fisherman's warf. Here we also had a tour of the wax musuemm and although this is not my thing it was pretty interesting to see the wax figures look so life like and the boys loved it. The evening was spent with a walk along the beach and ice cream.

Tuesday, I spent some time going to some of the shops in Lincoln City all by myself it was very enjoyable and I love the Christmas store with all its ornaments there was so many it was hard to narrow down my selection. We spent the afternoon on the beach it was foggee and the water was freezing but as you will see in the pictures it did not stop Gideon and Jeremiah. I would say they were frozen like a fudgecicles. That night we were all very tired and sad that our time in Lincoln City was coming to close.

Wednesday, we continued North on journey to Tillamock and the famous cheese factory where Tillamock cheese, ice cream and many other things are made. Of course we had to have some ice cream and then is was back in the car to head to Salem. My friend Amy, her husband Kim and their two boys Caleb and Max live there and I had not seen Amy in over 10 years and had never met her boys. We had so much fun visiting with them. Kim and my boys played video games I think that was Kim's highlight for the week. We were able to spend the night with them which was very nice of them to let us do.

Thursday, we went to the Portland Zoo. This zoo was wonderful, Gideon and Jeremiah have only been to the Boise and Salt Lake Zoo's; I have been to a few others but I was still impressed, the layout was unique in that you felt like you were walking into the animals actual habitat. We loved the zoo and I am glad we decided to do it because it top off our vacaction. From here we drove to Pendleton, Oregon heading East to go home; we drove right along the Columbia River and it was so beautiful. We spent the night in Pendleton, but it was uneventful and in the morning would head home for Boise.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time to Write its been too Long

So much time goes by and before I know it Gideon is 14 years old and Teacher and Jeremiah is 11 and now in 11 year Scouts. And me yes I am also another year old, also 1 year closer to have by Bachelors degree as a Registered Nurse. Yes, I registed for my Senior year of Nursing Classes. It hard to believe we will be Seniors in the Fall. Yeah!!!!

Gideon was chosen not only by the yearbook teacher but by 4 of his peers to be on the Yearbook staff next year. I am starting to get the hint that he is popular at school. I guess I never saw myself as having children who were popular but when your good looking, smart and got a great personality the popularity just comes naturally.

Jeremiah already 11, much too fast for me, but he is still my "baby". Everynite he has to still hug and kiss me goodnite. Godda love that!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The 3 F's

So those of you who actually read my blog all one of you probably think I am saying the horrible Fu------------- word but you are wrong this blog should be titled "Family, Friends or Foes."

You see there are many times I do feel sorry for myself and the past week has been one of those times. Not to mention I was on my period and the few days before that I was PMSing so that all adds to the stress in my life. But it is an amazing feeling how one can be with their very own family members and feel like they don't belong and that their children are more of a nuisance than welcomed. One reason this is so amazing to me is because my family is LDS (Mormons) and supposely we believe that families are forever that is why one is either born under the covenant or sealed to their parents in the temple. But what I have witnessed and been a part of thes last 30 years or so is that once your married and have your own kids you parents and siblings are no longer part of that forever family. And then heaven forbid that any of your nieces or nephews get married because then it is almost like you are cast out of the family as the black sheep.

And then in my situation I have comitted the unpardonable sin of getting a divorce not only once but twice(on paper we're still married) So I can't pick them very well and this of course would be my fault. And then there are comments made about me needing to grow up. Hmmm, has anyone ever thought that maybe the fact that for the better part of my life I had six older siblings and parents who always were there to bail me out and take care of me and now all of sudden I am suppose to do this on my own. Well personally I think I am doing a pretty good job at growing up and trying to raise the boys to be independent so that they don't have to learn this after they reach the age of 40 plus.

Sure some may say that I am just a winer and bitchy but you know what when you try to invite others you go to church with to do things with you and they are always too busy and then you hear about how so and so has invited others to a parade or other activities one starts to wonder if they are carrying the plague. I know that people don't hold much water to this but being away from the main population of the ward does really make a difference. I don't care how much I try to be a part of things it is just easier to forget about someone who doesn't live two houses away from you. This is foriegn to me because where I grew up you were lucky to have members 2 or 3 blocks away from you. Not having members right next door made us more concerned and aware of the other members and their families. My boys have noticed this too it doesn't matter how much Gideon offers to babysit or do yard work he isn't usually asked because we live too far away. Most of their friends are either non members or not in our ward because they don't attend school with anyone from our ward.

Then there are those who always have it worse then any one else I don't know why I even bother trying to talk to my family oand/or friends because my situation is never that bad. I have thousands of dollars in college loan and lots in credit card debt just to make my dream of becoming nurse possible and to be able to support the boys. We by no means suffer but things are pretty tight at times. Next month we are taking a quick trip to the Oregon coast and how are we able to do this? I don't parents who are paying for the trip it is a credit card. But I need to get away for a couple of days before school starts and football again. So say what you want but it is important for me.

Boy! Do I feel better getting this off my chest.

LIve well, Love much and Laugh Often!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well, I actually did it I broke up with DJ last evening and it pretty much went as I had expected it to go. I went over to his place and handed him the key he had given me and said "I don't think this is going to continue to work" and his response was "Ok" and I said "that's all" and he said "yeah". Just so like him to have no emotion or feeling especially when its not all about him, before going there I was feeling bad because today is his birthday but after his reaction I don't feel bad at all.

Life has a way of teaching us, and from this lesson I have learned that I need to take care of ME first and that if others don't want to appreciate that then I don't need them in my life. And so it is upward and onward for me and the boys.