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Graduation May 8, 2010

Graduation May 8, 2010

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Accepting Death

Just a few short months ago a new lady by the name of Susan moved not only into our Ward but into my neighorhood and right from the beginning I was drawn to her. Susan had a infectuous spirit that I know everyone who met her could feel. She had some health issues of which I do not know exactly what they were but they never seemed to get her down. Susan made sure we had her address and phone number incase me or the boys needed anything from her and made sure I knew if I ever needed her to stay with the boys when they were sick she would do so so that I would not miss work.
Both of us where called to work in Primary at the beginning of the year and so I still was able to spend time with her at Primary meetings and such. In February, her and I attended a special Stake Relief Society meeting together and I can honestly say the meeting was excellent yet the time spent with Susan that evening will not be forgotten.
Susan's children and grandchildren where the highlight of her life and she was so looking forward to going to Wisconsin and visit her son and his family. The time came and she left and I truly missed seeing Susan at church and this past Saturday I received the sad news on April 3, 2011 Susan passed away while visiting her son. It is amazing in such a short time someone could have an affect on my life that tears have been shed for Susan. I understand I will be able to see her again and the joy of knowing her health is no longer an issue for her is truly a blessing.
Not since my Mother died five years ago and my niece Laurie 4 years have I been affected by death in this way. I am feeling selfish because I did not get to spend more time with Susan here on the earth; but in time I know I will accept Susan's death and be thankful for her friendship. Susan is one more woman to add to my list of women who I want to emulate in my own life.
Thank you Susan for being a Woman of Faith.

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Xan said...

I saw that a friend had passed away. It's good that she was with family when it happened. I'm glad you got to know her!

If you need anything, call.